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Get High-Quality Backlinks using Testimonials – Issue #049

Learn how to effectively leverage testimonials to acquire authentic backlinks that will skyrocket your website’s SEO.

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If you want to improve your website’s SEO, you already know that link-building should be a crucial aspect of your strategy. But have you considered using testimonials to build links?

Testimonial link-building is an effective way to gain backlinks and improve your online reputation.

Sharing your positive experiences with other companies or individuals can increase your brand’s visibility and improve your search engine rankings.

How does it work?

When you provide a testimonial for a product or service, you are helping them boost their social proof. In return, you can ask for a link back to your website.

Many companies are eager to showcase glowing testimonials on their website, so it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Here are some tips to effectively leverage testimonial link building:

1. Identify opportunities

When setting out to find potential candidates for testimonial link-building, it’s important to focus on companies or individuals with whom you have a positive relationship and who offer high-quality products or services.

These could be vendors, partners, customers, or even influencers in your industry. It’s important to note that to provide an authentic and genuine testimonial, you must have first-hand experience using their products or services.

Give higher priority to those that already showcase client testimonials on their websites.

2. Reach out

Once you have identified potential candidates for testimonial link building, reach out to them and express your interest in providing a testimonial to showcase your positive experience with their product or service.

Tell them what you liked and how their product or service helped you achieve your goals. Be specific but concise in your feedback. It’s important to reach out in a friendly, respectful, and professional manner.

3. Ask

Once they’ve agreed to publish your testimonial, ask if they can include a link to your website along with the testimonial.

Many will happily comply with your request, but if they seem reluctant, you can nudge them in the right direction by telling them that a link to an established business like yours will increase the testimonial’s credibility.

And that’s it, just rinse and repeat! Get the ball rolling right now… who would you contact to offer a testimonial (in exchange for a backlink)? 🤔

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